Guide to Disaster-Resilient Communication Networks” (Springer), 834 pages is available!

Guide to Disaster coverThis practically-focused 32-chapter guide (edited by Jacek Rak and David Hutchison and published by Springer in Computer Communications and Networks series) is intended to provide comprehensive guidance on the evaluation of the disaster-resilience of networked systems, and how to design and operate the communication networks to assure their improved resilience to disaster-induced failures.

It presents insights from an international group of more than 100 expert researchers involved in COST-RECODIS working across the academic, industrial, and governmental sectors.

The book provides solutions related to all major scenarios of massive failures, including:

  • natural disasters,
  • disruptions caused by adverse weather conditions,
  • technology-related massive failures,
  • malicious human activities.

Chapters in this monograph are structured into the four following parts:

  • Measures and Models for the Analysis and Evaluation of Disaster-resilient Communication Networks
  • Techniques for Design and Update of Disaster-resilient Systems
  • Algorithms and Schemes for Resilient Systems
  • Advanced Topics in Resilient Communication Systems

The book is aimed to serve as a reference guide primarily for:

  • network operators,
  • networking equipment vendors,
  • network regulators

to provide support in the design of disaster-resilient networked systems and the relevant regulations.

It is also intended to serve academic courses in networked systems resilience for graduate and PhD students.